Mistfall Round Summary

When Mistfall first released (which I had backed on Kickstarter), I like many others had some difficulty getting through the rules. One of the main problems is that information for a phase might in multiple locations.

Pulling together the information from the rules and from the Boardgame Geek forums, I reorganized and clarified the rules. I organized around the order of the phases and included the information for each phase. I believe this is easier both to learn and play as a newcomer to the game and to find information when players have questions. Plus, I laid it out to fit on one page (front and back).

Since then, Błażej Kubacki had another Kickstarter that changed some of the original rules.

This is my rewrite of the rules which includes all the changes that are compatible with the original Mistfall game.

Download (PDF, 520KB)

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