Too Many Bones: Dice-Builder RPG – Game Aids

Update: Added an A4 version of the coillected rules.

One of my recently received Kickstarter games that I’ve been enjoying is Too Many Bones. With its many, many dice and the clay chips, this is a different role-playing board game (though it’s probably closer to a skirmish game). And it’s a coop game.

It’s a deep game with a lot of choices, but it’s also a game with a lot of information. To help with that, I’ve created several game aids, including a reorganization of the game documentation. I’ve created a document to make it easier to refer to while playing the game:

  • A summary of the phases and turns (all on one page)
  • An alphabetical listing of topics which pulls together information from several sources (the game’s rulebook, the reference sheets, the Boardgame Geek forum, the Chip Theory support site, and their videos.

I owe a big thanks to the BGG Too Many Bones community for giving feedback and supporting my efforts with encouragement. This rewrite in particular has taken many, many hours (at least 24 hours) to accumulate, rewrite, reorganize, and review.

Download (PDF, 425KB)

A4 version:

Download (PDF, 440KB)

Gearloc Dice References

Also, I created a dice reference based on Mike Osborne’s great work to summarize the dice information for each Gearloc. The┬áChip Theory Games’ revisions of the character sheets captured much of this information, allowing players to more easily see what dice faces are associated with each skill die. But the reference pages below have other information that some might find useful, such as the percentages of each die result.

Download (PDF, 1.23MB)

Rage, Bots, and Lockpicking Summaries

Finally, I’ve created rules summaries for Tantrum’s Rage ability, Tink’s Bots, and Lockpicking. You can give these to your players who play Tantrum or TInk.

Download (PDF, 588KB)

I hope you find these helpful.

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