On the Underground Rules Summary

On the Underground is a fun train game that focuses on building track rather than on delivering goods. The Passenger has to go to different destinations in London, and you want to build so that the Passenger travels on your as much as possible. But you also score points by connecting types of stations.

on the underground game final resultsMy wife and I are fans of Empire Builder, but it can be a very long game. In particular, we enjoy building our rail lines. On the Underground isn’t the same game, but it has a similar feel to it. And it plays more quickly than Empire Builder. It’s also an easy game to set up.

The rules aren’t complicated, but I created these quick references so that each player can see what they can do and how to earn points. Plus, I made it a little colorful to match the game.

Download (PDF, 312KB)

For more information, see the On the Underground page at Rio Grande or Board Game Geek.

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